Wishlist – ShibainuIT


Wishlist - ShibainuIt is a WooCommerce Wishlist plugin with full customization option. You can able to customize this plugin anyway you want. After install a default Wishlist button will appear beside WooCommerce add to cart button (In Single Product detail page). User can review his/her Wishlist items from anywhere of the website or from WooCommerce my account dashboard.

🥳 Features:

  • Customizable: Fully customizable, Admin/Developer can change the wishlist button content and Wishlist product’s render view.
  • Performance: This plugin do not load any third party library.
  • Shortcode available:This plugin offer shortcode code( [SIT-WISHLIST-BUTTON] ) so admin/developer can render the wishlist button anywhere in the single product detail page.
  • Developer friendlyDeveloper can create/overwrite each front-end templates, by creating template file in active theme folder(see the documentation for detail)
  • Plugin installation

    Install from wordpress

    • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
    • Search for ” Wishlist shibainuit “
    • Install & active the plugin

    Install from github

    • Download the plugin from GitHub or WordPress.org
    • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
    • Click upload Plugin button from top
    • Upload the plugin and active it

    Adding My wishlist button/link:

    My wishlist button is for viewing wishlist items. User can access his/her Wishlist items by clicking My wishlist button. To add my Wishlist button you need to add

    class to any of your website links.

    Please follow below steps to add My Wishlist button to your menu:

    1. Go to
       Wordpress dashboard > Appearance > Menu 
    2. Add a Custom link, custom link URL will be "#" and Navigation Label will be My Wishlist or anything you want.
    3. Add
      class to this custom link ( You may need to enable css class visibility option from Screen Option from top right corner of the wordpress page )
    Add my wishlist link to website

    Add Custom wishlist button to product page

    Custom wishlist button is for adding product to wishlist. You can add custom add to wishlist button anywhere in your Product page by adding


    Add wishlist button to product page website

    Plugin customization

    How to change button text/html/icon from WordPress Dashboard

    1. Go to plugin settings page,
      WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Wishlist – Shibainu IT
    2. You will found 2 input field’s there to add your TEXT/HTML/ICON.
    3. You can add SVG ICON, Font Awesome icon markup (Font Awesome should already added in your website) or plain text there to modify the button.
    4. Click save after adding your TEXT/HTML/ICON.

    How to Hide default wishlist button(beside default add to cart button in single product page)

    1. Go to plugin settings page,
      WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Wishlist – Shibainu IT
    2. Set the
      Set Wishlist button visibility
      to Hidden
    3. Click save.

    Overwrite wishlist template from code-level (For developer)

    Developer can customize the plugin from code level. This plugin offer 4 file’s to modify the whole plugin front end appearance. File's are

    • before-add-btn.php — For button html before added to wishlist.
    • after-add-btn.php — For button html after added to wishlist.
    • wishlist-render.php — For user to view there wishlist items (WooCommerce Dashboard).
    • sit-my-wishlist-modal.php - For user to view Wishlist Items ( From Wishlist Modal )